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Diamond Stone - Coarse (325 grit)

  • 6inches by 2 inches by ¼ inch thick

    Coarse – 325 grit (45 microns)

    Fine – 600 grit (25 microns)

    X-Fine – 1200 grit (12 microns)

    Made of monocrystalline diamonds bonded in nickel to a steel plate.  Diamonds are the hardest material known and are very efficient for sharpening.Use light pressure and let the diamonds do the work. Diamonds will remove metal up to 10x faster than other types of stones of the same grit. Will not groove, cup, hollow or break. Will stay flat within ± 2 thousands of an inch.  May be used with no lubricant. However if no lubricant is used, the stone must be cleaned from time to time with warm soapy water and a scrubber or brush.

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