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1.5mm Micro Standard Set (5 Pieces)
Set includes: 
1.5mm Deep Plough chisel, 1.5mm Pairing Chisel, 1.5mm V Tool, 1.5mm U-Gouge, 1.5mm Skew
Made in the USA
  • If you want detailed carving, micro tools are a must. Overall length is 5 inches with a 5/8 inch octagon handle (about the size of a pencil). They are comfortable to hold for those precision cuts.
  • Pre-sharpened, ready to use and tempered to RC58 so they will hold a fantastic cutting edge.
  • Each tool handle comes engraved with the tool type and size for quick detection.
  • Includes thick, quality, see-thru, storage pouch.

Dockyard Micro Tools 1.5mm Micro Standard Set (5 Pieces)

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