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These are topics I use when I teach beginning carving.

I will expand on some of these over the next few months.

  • Your tools must always be sharp.

  • Use the wood grain to your advantage: (A) Strength (B) Aesthetics

  • Never cut in the direction where your knife blade can go between the wood fibers.

  • For a clean cut, sever all the wood fibers.

  • Develop a mental image of what you want before you start carving.

  • Analyze each cut before you make it: (A) Why am I making this cut? (B) Where are my hands in relation to the tool blade?

  • Analyze each cut after you make it: (A) Did I achieve what I wanted? (B) What did I learn?

  • Clamp your work whenever possible.

  • When making a "stop cut", the handle of your tool should angle over the piece you want to save.

  • To have control of a cut, you should always see both edges of your gouge.

  • Don't detail too soon.

  • Never put anything that bleeds in front of the blade.....

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